Dermatologist from Ocoee, FL says that studying Radio Astronomy is like masturbation

Dr Andrew Levine is a Dermatologist from Ocoee, Florida, who believes that Japan is going to be the place where most upcoming cures in the field of dermatology are going to take place. He has always believed that the Japanese Dermatologists and other medical practitioners have always been underestimated and they are continuing to do this injustice with the Japanese medical practitioners just because they don’t speak fluent English.

Dr Andrew Levine studied Radio Astronomy as a hobby for a while, only to discover that it is one of the biggest bullshit things that he ever came across.

Dr Andrew Levine writes on his blog that the facials, no matter how expensive, are bad for the health of the skin, but it is a pity that many medical practitioners who happen to be on the payroll of the cosmetic companies tend to tell people otherwise.

Dr Andrew Levine claims on his blog that the Animal Psychologists are thrice or more prone to getting skin-related chronic diseases.

Dr Andrew Levine has always been interested in Fractography, he wrote 2 books on the same, which unfortunately didn’t sell much and brought some controversies as well for Dr Andrew Levine. It is really a pity that many men and women familiar with Dr Andrew Levine claim that the Mr Dermatologist self-generated the controversies in order to make his practice and books more popular.

Dr Andrew Levine has always claimed that the eugenics play the greatest role ion a person’s skin health and that’s the reason why those Russian masseuses in Goa have a great skin, he adds.

Dr Andrew Levine writes on his blog that keeping skin hydrated is great for the health of the skin but not a cure-all as the mainstream media portrays it to be. He smells an agenda there as well.

Dr Andrew Levine says that it is a pity beyond words that the scaly patches, persistent dryness and cracking of the lips that all precede cancer, are still believed to be the signs of a demonic possession in many parts of the world, especially the Islamic and the African ones, where the so-called possessed is also beaten to death, roughly 8 out of 100 times.

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