Honest IM and SEO Expert is also extremely honest about his online soccer addiction

Bernard Drumont is an Internet Marketing and SEO Expert from Fort Worth, Texas, who never gets tired of repeating “If understanding online cookies were as simple as eating real-life cookies.”

Bernard Drumont claims on his blog that the creators of the Metacafe have been working to creating something much better than the Youtube and become the new leader of the tube websites. He adds that it seemed almost impossible before but now since the Youtube deleted many videos related to the Coronavirus, especially those by the conspiracy theorist – David Icke, it seems very much possible.

Bernard Drumont claims that he advises all his online clothing store owner clients to not buy his lead generation service as it doesn’t work well for that niche. He brags that he is that honest.

Bernard seems to be extremely honest about his online soccer addiction as well. He writes on his blog that not a day has gone by in the past couple of years when he didn’t read soccer predictions tomorrow.

Bernard claims to know several beauty pageant winners who have been owning and operating their own SEO agencies after not getting any modeling assignments or having any luck in the movie field.

Bernard claims to have been working on building a revolutionary social media website which he believes will give Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, a run for their money.

Bernard prides himself for doing the SEO for the most popular courier company of India – DTDC. He believes that his SEO is responsible for a lot of their success.