Would you spend more time betting on UK horses or pursuing your career? Asks an Internet Marketing Expert

Katheryn Darr from Durham, England, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Development expert who recently completed writing a book on the subject of her expertise and named the book – ‘Better Bet on Internet Horses than doing Internet Marketing’.

In her book, Katheryn writes that whether the sitemap is more important as a food for the search engines or as a conversion tool for the visitors, that’s a huge debate with each side having opinions with an equal weight.

Katheryn believes that something a lot more advanced and engaging is going to replace the sitemap soon enough and this new advancement will not be limited to merely being a table of content or index but a lot more.

Katheryn claims to have created over 1000 websites with real physical locations in her career and claims to have added nothing but a flash sitemap in each of those.

Katheryn writes in her book that she has been trying to create a new revolutionary form of sitemaps. She claims that this new revolutionary form will be more engaging and useful than what the world has seen yet.

Katheryn writes in her book that it is a pity that they don’t give much importance to good and organized siloing when it comes to the search engine optimization.

Katheryn writes that for the first time in history, the search engines have been giving equal importance to the landing, sub and article pages. She adds that it is even a bigger surprise that they are considering Horse Racing Betting Sites UK as mainstream.