American Think Tanks Should Bet On Online AAMS Casinos In Their Spare Time To Aid The US Financially

Adoor Parbtani from Palermo, Italy, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who lived in Texas, US for a couple of years and saw array of tanks rusting on the streets of Texas. He likes to refer to the Sierra Depot as a graveyard.

Adoor writes the Trophy Systems whether ground based or air based can counter ATGMs. He says the issue arises in how the tanks are deployed, put them in a narrow street and they will probably die, put them in a narrow street and you will probably win.

Adoor writes the anti-tank guns have been evolving rapidly, no wonder why there has been an increase in the use of reactive plates and composite hulls in tanks. About EMP Systems, he writes that those seem to be more effective in movies than in real life, even your phone is guarded from EMP blasts, when those plates are exhausted, it is only a matter of time, reactive armour works only once.

Adoor is worried about the Americans and Chinese making avenues into EMP. About the evolving trophy system, he writes they will eventually use plasma. He writes the Israeli Trophy System is not what one thinks it is, it was only tested in Gaza in actual combat against RPG-7s by a group deprived of the necessary arms to defend themselves and despite that Israel could slap in this label “Tested in Gaza”. He further writes that the Israeli Trophy System functions with radar and hail of small pallets that detonates the RPG and that is what basically every other country copied and put on their own tanks, but American contractors is developing a new denial system that uses plasma. He also writes about this Turkish Ahlat System by putting small devices that shoots incoming ATGM. He writes it is very similar to the American Stryker as the radar finds the ATGM and a bunch of tiny projectiles are fired to detonate it prematurely. He thinks they are pretty reliable against stuff like RPGs since the tips are designed to explode on contact, anything more advanced would be an issue.

Adoor doesn’t agree with anything that the infamous professor – Theodore Postol says about the warfare and modern weaponry. About his commentary on the purported Scud Missile Interception Rates from the Patriot Missile during the Gulf War, he says he bets that Theodore hasn’t even visited half of the Arab world and if he can be proven wrong on it, he will stop betting on Casino Online AAMS.

Jayapura Blogger Wants To Make Her Nation A Nuclear Superpower With Her Easy Gambling Bucks

Megawati Septriasa from Jayapura, Indonesia, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who believes that we should rather call the Seven Years’ War the First World War.

Megawati thinks Joe Biden should use the nuclear option to end the 60 vote rule in the senate.

Megawati stopped playing Powerball and Megamillions the day she discovered gambling using Deposito Pulsa XL.

Megawati doesn’t agree with those who think that the traditional clothes will disappear in the future, but thinks seasonless fashion is the future.

Considering his mental health, Bobby Fischer would be an adherent of QAnon, if he were alive.

Megawati Septriasa

Megawati thinks war crimes are subjective but doesn’t think war crimes can ever be justified.

Megawati strongly believes that the far right is a legitimate political threat to liberal democracy in the west.

Megawati thinks prisons should be abolished.

Megawati believes South Tyrol was more Italian than German. She writes that the creation of the German empire was the most momentous event of the 19th century.

Megawati doesn’t agree with Plato on his belief about “the noble lie”, although agrees and compliments him on a lot of other things he said.

Megawati believes doing mass propaganda for the state can never be justified.

Megawati doesn’t agree with those who think or say that 146BC was the most prestigious year of Rome.

Megawati doesn’t agree with Sandra Cisneros on anything, especially her sentiment that we are an amalgamate of all of our ages.

Megawati thinks nations should go back to caring more about their domestic policies than their foreign policies.

Megawati strongly feels that the minimum wage should be pegged to inflation.

Megawati thinks the last thirty years war was a primely religious conflict.

Megawati writes the Strum und Drang movement was essential towards pan Germanism.

Megawati claims to have an extraordinary ability to read the body language and non-verbal cues well in social interactions.

Megawati doesn’t agree with those who say that the Rome had a legitimate reason to interfere in the Hellene politics.

Modern Day States should implement some retrofitted type of a Trierarchy.

Megawati Septriasa

Dr Imam Juneidi From Bandung Bets On Online Soccer Websites When It All Goes Wrong

Dr Imam Juneidi is a General Practitioner from Bandung, Indonesia, who never gets tired of repeating on his blog that no matter how hygienic you try to be with your pig meat, it is never enough, and hence it is time that they stop eating ham across the globe. He clarifies each time that he doesn’t say this because he is a Muslim, but from the medical and scientific point of view. He even adds the photos proving that he is not a practicing Muslim to clarify his claims.

Dr Imam is notorious for promoting Kosher diets on his blog, which I am going to post about in later posts. He once even claimed that the Kosher Diet is really something which was impossible for a human being to have created if it weren’t from some divine help, then he again clarified that he is an atheist and only believes in a scientific view of each and everything, which rejects most of the claims of most of the religions.

Dr Imam writes on his blog that he regularly comes across patients who don’t even know that there is such a thing as testicular cancer or penile cancer that exists. He adds that it frustrates him so much that he goes back to his old ways of online soccer betting (Judi Bola) again. Which he has both a love/hate relationship with, love because it has made him a tremendous amount of money in the past, hate because it wastes a lot of his time.

Dr Imam Juneidi has traveled across the world and although most of the things that he found in Asia and Africa are inferior compared to the Western World, including the knowledge and concerns of the people regarding many issues, he writes on his blog that he is glad that the people in Asia and Africa are as aware of the dangers of dysentery as they are in the US, Australia or Europe.