Jayapura Blogger Wants To Make Her Nation A Nuclear Superpower With Her Easy Gambling Bucks

Megawati Septriasa from Jayapura, Indonesia, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who believes that we should rather call the Seven Years’ War the First World War.

Megawati thinks Joe Biden should use the nuclear option to end the 60 vote rule in the senate.

Megawati stopped playing Powerball and Megamillions the day she discovered gambling using Deposito Pulsa XL.

Megawati doesn’t agree with those who think that the traditional clothes will disappear in the future, but thinks seasonless fashion is the future.

Considering his mental health, Bobby Fischer would be an adherent of QAnon, if he were alive.

Megawati Septriasa

Megawati thinks war crimes are subjective but doesn’t think war crimes can ever be justified.

Megawati strongly believes that the far right is a legitimate political threat to liberal democracy in the west.

Megawati thinks prisons should be abolished.

Megawati believes South Tyrol was more Italian than German. She writes that the creation of the German empire was the most momentous event of the 19th century.

Megawati doesn’t agree with Plato on his belief about “the noble lie”, although agrees and compliments him on a lot of other things he said.

Megawati believes doing mass propaganda for the state can never be justified.

Megawati doesn’t agree with those who think or say that 146BC was the most prestigious year of Rome.

Megawati doesn’t agree with Sandra Cisneros on anything, especially her sentiment that we are an amalgamate of all of our ages.

Megawati thinks nations should go back to caring more about their domestic policies than their foreign policies.

Megawati strongly feels that the minimum wage should be pegged to inflation.

Megawati thinks the last thirty years war was a primely religious conflict.

Megawati writes the Strum und Drang movement was essential towards pan Germanism.

Megawati claims to have an extraordinary ability to read the body language and non-verbal cues well in social interactions.

Megawati doesn’t agree with those who say that the Rome had a legitimate reason to interfere in the Hellene politics.

Modern Day States should implement some retrofitted type of a Trierarchy.

Megawati Septriasa

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