American Think Tanks Should Bet On Online AAMS Casinos In Their Spare Time To Aid The US Financially

Adoor Parbtani from Palermo, Italy, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who lived in Texas, US for a couple of years and saw array of tanks rusting on the streets of Texas. He likes to refer to the Sierra Depot as a graveyard.

Adoor writes the Trophy Systems whether ground based or air based can counter ATGMs. He says the issue arises in how the tanks are deployed, put them in a narrow street and they will probably die, put them in a narrow street and you will probably win.

Adoor writes the anti-tank guns have been evolving rapidly, no wonder why there has been an increase in the use of reactive plates and composite hulls in tanks. About EMP Systems, he writes that those seem to be more effective in movies than in real life, even your phone is guarded from EMP blasts, when those plates are exhausted, it is only a matter of time, reactive armour works only once.

Adoor is worried about the Americans and Chinese making avenues into EMP. About the evolving trophy system, he writes they will eventually use plasma. He writes the Israeli Trophy System is not what one thinks it is, it was only tested in Gaza in actual combat against RPG-7s by a group deprived of the necessary arms to defend themselves and despite that Israel could slap in this label “Tested in Gaza”. He further writes that the Israeli Trophy System functions with radar and hail of small pallets that detonates the RPG and that is what basically every other country copied and put on their own tanks, but American contractors is developing a new denial system that uses plasma. He also writes about this Turkish Ahlat System by putting small devices that shoots incoming ATGM. He writes it is very similar to the American Stryker as the radar finds the ATGM and a bunch of tiny projectiles are fired to detonate it prematurely. He thinks they are pretty reliable against stuff like RPGs since the tips are designed to explode on contact, anything more advanced would be an issue.

Adoor doesn’t agree with anything that the infamous professor – Theodore Postol says about the warfare and modern weaponry. About his commentary on the purported Scud Missile Interception Rates from the Patriot Missile during the Gulf War, he says he bets that Theodore hasn’t even visited half of the Arab world and if he can be proven wrong on it, he will stop betting on Casino Online AAMS.

Jayapura Blogger Wants To Make Her Nation A Nuclear Superpower With Her Easy Gambling Bucks

Megawati Septriasa from Jayapura, Indonesia, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who believes that we should rather call the Seven Years’ War the First World War.

Megawati thinks Joe Biden should use the nuclear option to end the 60 vote rule in the senate.

Megawati stopped playing Powerball and Megamillions the day she discovered gambling using Deposito Pulsa XL.

Megawati doesn’t agree with those who think that the traditional clothes will disappear in the future, but thinks seasonless fashion is the future.

Considering his mental health, Bobby Fischer would be an adherent of QAnon, if he were alive.

Megawati Septriasa

Megawati thinks war crimes are subjective but doesn’t think war crimes can ever be justified.

Megawati strongly believes that the far right is a legitimate political threat to liberal democracy in the west.

Megawati thinks prisons should be abolished.

Megawati believes South Tyrol was more Italian than German. She writes that the creation of the German empire was the most momentous event of the 19th century.

Megawati doesn’t agree with Plato on his belief about “the noble lie”, although agrees and compliments him on a lot of other things he said.

Megawati believes doing mass propaganda for the state can never be justified.

Megawati doesn’t agree with those who think or say that 146BC was the most prestigious year of Rome.

Megawati doesn’t agree with Sandra Cisneros on anything, especially her sentiment that we are an amalgamate of all of our ages.

Megawati thinks nations should go back to caring more about their domestic policies than their foreign policies.

Megawati strongly feels that the minimum wage should be pegged to inflation.

Megawati thinks the last thirty years war was a primely religious conflict.

Megawati writes the Strum und Drang movement was essential towards pan Germanism.

Megawati claims to have an extraordinary ability to read the body language and non-verbal cues well in social interactions.

Megawati doesn’t agree with those who say that the Rome had a legitimate reason to interfere in the Hellene politics.

Modern Day States should implement some retrofitted type of a Trierarchy.

Megawati Septriasa

Dr Imam Juneidi From Bandung Bets On Online Soccer Websites When It All Goes Wrong

Dr Imam Juneidi is a General Practitioner from Bandung, Indonesia, who never gets tired of repeating on his blog that no matter how hygienic you try to be with your pig meat, it is never enough, and hence it is time that they stop eating ham across the globe. He clarifies each time that he doesn’t say this because he is a Muslim, but from the medical and scientific point of view. He even adds the photos proving that he is not a practicing Muslim to clarify his claims.

Dr Imam is notorious for promoting Kosher diets on his blog, which I am going to post about in later posts. He once even claimed that the Kosher Diet is really something which was impossible for a human being to have created if it weren’t from some divine help, then he again clarified that he is an atheist and only believes in a scientific view of each and everything, which rejects most of the claims of most of the religions.

Dr Imam writes on his blog that he regularly comes across patients who don’t even know that there is such a thing as testicular cancer or penile cancer that exists. He adds that it frustrates him so much that he goes back to his old ways of online soccer betting (Judi Bola) again. Which he has both a love/hate relationship with, love because it has made him a tremendous amount of money in the past, hate because it wastes a lot of his time.

Dr Imam Juneidi has traveled across the world and although most of the things that he found in Asia and Africa are inferior compared to the Western World, including the knowledge and concerns of the people regarding many issues, he writes on his blog that he is glad that the people in Asia and Africa are as aware of the dangers of dysentery as they are in the US, Australia or Europe.

Theater artist and aspiring Hollywood actress loves betting on Chudjen Betting websites

Bunah Baudin is a Jewellery designer by profession who loves to play chess, billiards & snooker. Bunah is not a stunner but she wants to act in Hollywood movies desperately. She has already worked in theaters. She wants to act as a comedian not a lead actress.

Bunah is a great admirer of the green revolution and she sends 1000 USD to an Indian NGO each year to eradicate poverty in India.

Bunah believes that she knows all the important facts that she needs to know about the United States and the world.

Bunah’s grandfather owned one of the most prominent baseball bat manufacturing company which was a very popular brand of the day, guys used to flaunt their grandfather’s factory made baseball bats.

Bunah believes that the devaluation of the Zimbabwean dollar is a part of a major international conspiracy.

Bunah’s mother used to be a popular athlete and she won a gold and 2 silver medals in commonwealth games. The only things that gave happiness to Bunah’s mother were success, achievement and big dreams.

Bunah learnt Jewellery designing from one of the leading colleges of the United States. They teach jewellery designing with Apple and Mac platforms. They have a great infrastructure and they even offered Bunah recruitment because she had always been a marvelous student.

Bunah goes on a bicycle ride everyday for 45 minutes, that’s the only exercise she performs and she is in a perfect shape. Very few people believe her when she tells them that cycling for 45 minutes a day is the only exercise that she does. Many of her friends and relatives have started cycling everyday getting inspired by her.

Bunah is a betting enthusiast and she loves Asian betting websites, particularly the chudjen bet ones. She also reads gambling blogs and forums regularly.

Bitcoin Gambling Sites and their Gecko Connection

Kittichat (name changed) is a young guy living in Chiang Rai since he was born. He always wanted to be a doctor but couldn’t become one due to not being excellent in studies. He had to enter the commerce stream and ended up being an accountant. He first did a job under a successful accountant and then after working him for about 20 months, started his own firm with the money that he won with bitcoin gambling sites along with a friend, let’s call his friend Sakda here.

Sakda was never there to support Kittichat in their business, he was always busy in family affairs. Sakda was married and always had some trouble with his wife. Sakda’s wife wanted a kid and Sakda didn’t. They had a quarrel at home everyday due to this conflict.

Poor Kittichat was left alone to handle all the business while Sakda was always busy fighting or coaxing his wife. Kittichat didn’t know what the reason was behind his customers never come again to him. Kittichat was so busy working that he forgot the geckos running all over his office. They were on his laptop, they were on his fridge, they were on the sofa he was sitting on, they were literally everywhere in his office.

Kittichat was born in Thailand but he lived for what they call “the American dream”. Already he couldn’t become a doctor which was very depressing for him, then a poor business partner like Sakda, now he wasn’t willing to lose his prosperous business to these nasty geckos. What did Kittichat do next? He looked for a solution all over the internet and found a herbal product at Shopee that goes by the name Crying Lizards. Did the product made the geckos cry indeed? Yes, yes and yes. Today, Kittichat’s office is one of the cleanest in the city and Kittichat is proud of it. He has also kicked out his partner Sakda from there.

Would you spend more time betting on UK horses or pursuing your career? Asks an Internet Marketing Expert

Katheryn Darr from Durham, England, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Development expert who recently completed writing a book on the subject of her expertise and named the book – ‘Better Bet on Internet Horses than doing Internet Marketing’.

In her book, Katheryn writes that whether the sitemap is more important as a food for the search engines or as a conversion tool for the visitors, that’s a huge debate with each side having opinions with an equal weight.

Katheryn believes that something a lot more advanced and engaging is going to replace the sitemap soon enough and this new advancement will not be limited to merely being a table of content or index but a lot more.

Katheryn claims to have created over 1000 websites with real physical locations in her career and claims to have added nothing but a flash sitemap in each of those.

Katheryn writes in her book that she has been trying to create a new revolutionary form of sitemaps. She claims that this new revolutionary form will be more engaging and useful than what the world has seen yet.

Katheryn writes in her book that it is a pity that they don’t give much importance to good and organized siloing when it comes to the search engine optimization.

Katheryn writes that for the first time in history, the search engines have been giving equal importance to the landing, sub and article pages. She adds that it is even a bigger surprise that they are considering Horse Racing Betting Sites UK as mainstream.

SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert from Yala believes that the Search Engines aren’t doing to trusted gambling websites like Fun888

Benz Lalithaya from Yala, Thailand, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who writes on her blog that using keyword-specific text in the footer navigation only and not stating any of the keywords in the rest of the text of the website is one of the worst things that you can do for your SEO. She adds that this used to be okay till 2012, but now search engines take it as a negative. She believes that the best SEO practice is to spread keywords throughout the webpage.

Benz Lalithaya believes that the blended search results should be renamed as blunder search results. She gives the example that once when she was looking for the best Thai online gambling website, instead of showing her the results for fun888, the image results started showing her the pictures for a pen brand.

Benz writes that it is a pity that it has been over a decade since the majority of websites have all become about how the search engines read those instead of being entirely visitor focused. She jokes that it really looks like the artificial intelligence has taken over, when the website creators and owners are more worried about how a couple of bots will look at their website over how the hundreds or even thousands of real human beings would.

Benz writes that she misses the days when every 4th website used to welcome the visitors with an audio (music, podcast, radio interview). She believes that those days will come back again and such days are not very far.

Honest IM and SEO Expert is also extremely honest about his online soccer addiction

Bernard Drumont is an Internet Marketing and SEO Expert from Fort Worth, Texas, who never gets tired of repeating “If understanding online cookies were as simple as eating real-life cookies.”

Bernard Drumont claims on his blog that the creators of the Metacafe have been working to creating something much better than the Youtube and become the new leader of the tube websites. He adds that it seemed almost impossible before but now since the Youtube deleted many videos related to the Coronavirus, especially those by the conspiracy theorist – David Icke, it seems very much possible.

Bernard Drumont claims that he advises all his online clothing store owner clients to not buy his lead generation service as it doesn’t work well for that niche. He brags that he is that honest.

Bernard seems to be extremely honest about his online soccer addiction as well. He writes on his blog that not a day has gone by in the past couple of years when he didn’t read soccer predictions tomorrow.

Bernard claims to know several beauty pageant winners who have been owning and operating their own SEO agencies after not getting any modeling assignments or having any luck in the movie field.

Bernard claims to have been working on building a revolutionary social media website which he believes will give Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, a run for their money.

Bernard prides himself for doing the SEO for the most popular courier company of India – DTDC. He believes that his SEO is responsible for a lot of their success.

Dermatologist from Ocoee, FL says that studying Radio Astronomy is like masturbation

Dr Andrew Levine is a Dermatologist from Ocoee, Florida, who believes that Japan is going to be the place where most upcoming cures in the field of dermatology are going to take place. He has always believed that the Japanese Dermatologists and other medical practitioners have always been underestimated and they are continuing to do this injustice with the Japanese medical practitioners just because they don’t speak fluent English.

Dr Andrew Levine studied Radio Astronomy as a hobby for a while, only to discover that it is one of the biggest bullshit things that he ever came across.

Dr Andrew Levine writes on his blog that the facials, no matter how expensive, are bad for the health of the skin, but it is a pity that many medical practitioners who happen to be on the payroll of the cosmetic companies tend to tell people otherwise.

Dr Andrew Levine claims on his blog that the Animal Psychologists are thrice or more prone to getting skin-related chronic diseases.

Dr Andrew Levine has always been interested in Fractography, he wrote 2 books on the same, which unfortunately didn’t sell much and brought some controversies as well for Dr Andrew Levine. It is really a pity that many men and women familiar with Dr Andrew Levine claim that the Mr Dermatologist self-generated the controversies in order to make his practice and books more popular.

Dr Andrew Levine has always claimed that the eugenics play the greatest role ion a person’s skin health and that’s the reason why those Russian masseuses in Goa have a great skin, he adds.

Dr Andrew Levine writes on his blog that keeping skin hydrated is great for the health of the skin but not a cure-all as the mainstream media portrays it to be. He smells an agenda there as well.

Dr Andrew Levine says that it is a pity beyond words that the scaly patches, persistent dryness and cracking of the lips that all precede cancer, are still believed to be the signs of a demonic possession in many parts of the world, especially the Islamic and the African ones, where the so-called possessed is also beaten to death, roughly 8 out of 100 times.

SEO Expert from Bend, Oregon loves Yahoo! as much as the good ol’ Baccarat

Arlene Rogermore is a SEO expert from Bend, Oregon, who writes on her blog that Yahoo Inc, itself proved that they use inferior technology when they started using MSN for registering their advertisements. Arlene clarifies that she is a Yahoo! lover and wants the old Yahoo! back, the one which used to be superior to all of its competition and was the real inspiration for the founders of the Google to create a revolutionary search engine.

Arlene claims that for herself and also for her clients, Bing ads has always generated more ROI on average than the Google or Yahoo ads.

Arlene claims that the biased governments are behind the success of the Google and its subsidiaries like Youtube. She explains in her post, how Google and its subsidiaries act as the propaganda machines for the governments all over the globe, mainly the United States of America and its allies.

Arlene writes on her blog that it is amazing the kind of money the American Pest Control services spend on their Online SEO and Internet Marketing. She adds that the billionaires don’t spend that kind of money on those gorgeous blonde escorts in Mumbai.

Arlene claims on her blog that the Google Maps cannot be manipulated anymore, but the Yahoo and Bing ads can be.

Arlene Rogermore believes that the days of the Comparison Websites and Online Yellow Pages are over.

Arlene writes that it is a pity that the Cyber Laws in each of the countries that she is well-familiar with, especially the ones belonging to the third and second-world are so lenient or poorly implemented that the criminals are able to get away with their bad deeds most of the times.

Arlene believes that 99.999% of the news on the internet cannot be trusted. She adds that if it is one of the Google News Results, doesn’t mean that it is a news which can be trusted.